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Help! American Pale Ale Problem?

I am a new brewer and I recently brewed 3 different 6 gallon batches of Pale Ale. 1 tasted great and the other 2 were darker and sweeter than the first. What did I do wrong? I used same recipe for all.

Did you boil them for different amounts of time?

All ingredients the same? Extract or grain? All ingredients per batch purchased at the same time or separately? Same LBS?

I boiled all same time. Mash temp #1 158 #2 154 #3 153. Ordered grains from northern brewing. Last 2 were ordered a week later.

I got the first batch one week then ordered other 2 the next week all orders from Northern Brewer.

Same yeast in all three batches?


How accurate is your thermometer?
If it is reading 8F-10F hot at mash temps that could account for the difference. I know that several of the dial typm thermometers are notrious for reading incorrectly at mash temps.

Im think that when you thought you mashed a 158 you were actually only at 149 or so, which would put your other mash temps at 145F and 144F respectively.
I think that could cause your issue.

What were the original and final gravities of each? Sweeter could indicate incomplete fermentation???

agreed, I think it is a combo of high mash temp (over 155) and/or high final gravity.

Thanks for the replies. I will try again. I cant get enough of this brewing!

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