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Help adding ingredients to beersmith

So I’ve been trying to add specific extracts to beersmith but I’m confused on which info I need to input from the product analysis sheet. I’m trying to add Briess Pale Ale DME which isn’t listed in the Briess add-on. Here is what beersmith asks for and the info from Briess. Mostly SRM (Is SRM equivalent to °L), Potential and yeild. Is all DME 1.045 potential gravity or at least a good starting value. How can I figure out SRM and should I leave the yeild at 75% even thought extract should be 100% yield correct?

Here is the Briess product analysis sheet for Pale Ale DME:

How about adding Briess Rye LME:

Yes SRM is another way of describing the color. I was trying to do the math, but at the moment have a brain blockage, on yer ABV, but most DME will be so close you won’t throw off yer calc’s unless you are doing 100 gallon brews. Sneezles61

I would just copy from one of the other Briess DME profiles and adjust the color. Briess Golden Light is 1.045 potential and 97% yield.

I’d probably set the color at 3, but it’s hard to predict what extract will do for color in the finished beer, IME.

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