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Help a Noob

I am making the Butlerj’s Liquid Panty Remover Cyser Recipe used 4.5 gal of apple juice 2 lbs. honey and 2 cans aj concentrate used red star cote des blancs yeast I took some of the mixture and put the yeast in it for a hour or so til there was activity and poured it in My question is how active is the fermentation with this type of yeast?? this morning there is still no activity in the carboy don’t know if its to cold in the house or what it was 65 f this morning also the recipe doesn’t call for any nutrient do I need to add any?? any help would be appreciated thanks

Give it another day or two, I’m sure it will start fermenting soon just fine. Cote des Blancs is my favorite yeast for cider, always works great. A little yeast nutrient is probably a good idea. Follow the instructions on the package.

Sounds like a good cyser recipe. Good luck.

thanks dmtaylo2 will give the yeast a little more food hopefully it will get going

everyone talks about staggered nutrient additions how often should I and nutrient and how much???

Screw nutrient additions. In my view it is a feel-good measure that really is not necessary. I have not run experiments to prove its worth but obviously I am very skeptical of this practice. What I do know is that you can make excellent cider with zero nutrient additions.

Where did you get your cyser recipe? Or could you post it on here? Someone suggested I look into cyser instead of cider for the ABV I am looking for.

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