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Helloooooo Sexy Pellicle!

Exact same wort, exact same aeration, but a different pack of Roseleare.

We actually have another carboy that resembles the one on the left…wonder whats up…pitched on June 8.

I generally get something loking like the one on the right. Its no wonder theres variability though, since there are a variety of microbes in those blends. Making sours is anything but controlled.

We have about a half a case of Jolly Pumpkin left. We were thinking of slugging back a few of those and adding the dregs to the slow-goers. Already added 1oz of oak chips to one of the slowgoers.

I’ve had good results from adding dregs to sours. I used some Drie Fontenaine Belgian lambic dregs, and Oud Beersel.

Nice, I made a sour with roeslare a little over a year ago and it’s nothing like your one on the right, but more than the one on th left, think im gonna add some oak la Roja dregs soon. Good work :cheers:

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