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Hello + pressure question

Excuse my inexperience with draft systems:

If I leave my regulator at 12psi, is it possible for my tank to exceed that pressure? Or does the regulator push at 12psi, and stop pushing when the tank gets to that pressure?

When the keg reaches the pressure the regulator is set for, it stops the flow of CO2 from the tank.

When you pour a pint, the regulator allows CO2 to flow into the keg to push the beer out. Thus filling the void.

Sheena, Don’t be a Debbie downer now.
I see your new and welcome your participation in the forum it has much to offer brewers of all skill levels.

The question posed by the OP is perfectly fine. There are many, many, many things that bring question in this craft and what may seem simple to you may be a complete mystery for others.
Learning and perfecting the craft is the goal here.

Btw Toad, glad you could join us.
As an aside I tend to read into things a little sometimes and wonder what your kegarator temp is and line length. The reason I ask is many beginners start with the “recommended” line length of 5 feet or under and find foaming problems. I wish to maybe nip that question in the bud if its a factor. I along with many others find that the 12 PSI you stated works great and I have my chest set at 38f with around 9ft of line and get perfect pours. At the end of the day the key is called balancing the system, then you get great pours every time.

Thanks its and nighthawk.

looks like Sheena deleted said post. I also saw another response that was deleted… Dealing with pressure, I figured it’s better to be safe than sorry.


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