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Hello folks

Just ordered the Deluxe kit…going with the Slobber for the first batch. Should be here before next weekend. Really looking forward to this new hobby…and brewing some tasty brews. My buddy and me are starting this quest together. :cheers:

Just got my kit Thursday and brewed the American Wheat this morning. The fermenter is down in the basement and hopefully the yeast are starting to do their magic. Everything seemed to go pretty smooth, and I hope I didn’t mess anything up. I sanitized the heck out of everything, so hopefully in a month I will have some good tasting home brew.

Good luck with your first brew day and have fun!

Just got my kit a couple weeks ago…adn much like i was told…welcome to the obsession! I brewed the Irish Red and juat transferred to my secondary…also like I was told…its natural to be worried but just relax I am sure everything will come out just fine! :cheers:

Having a brewing friend is the best thing. Good luck.

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