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Hello all

Hi all,

I am new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself. I am pretty new to brewing, about 9 months now. I was a MGD light beer drinker before my wife talked me into brewing. I guess she knows me better than I do. Damn embarassed but I am awake now and no more MGD. I started with stovetop - all grain. I am absolutely hooked on brewing and Thinking about moving into 10 gallon batches.

Here is my batches to date. All northern brewer recipes so far.

Cream Ale x6 (always on tap and can’t brew it fast enough)
The innkeeper
Irish Blonde
AK47 (on tap)
Emma’s Ale
Imperial Mild

Waldo Lake (in secondary)
Kinderweisse (bottle conditioning)

So hello and thanks for the great reads!

Welcome and enjoy the brew, the brewing and the whole experience…

Welcome to the forum. There is alot of knowledge on this site wich has helped me become a better homebrewer. Cheers.

Welcome to the forum. Thats great your wife is supportive of your brewing !! The only thing my wife says to me in regards to brewing is to take it OUTSIDE and away from the house. HA!

Welcome this place is full of great advice, I usually get a response to a question in about an hr. Just wait for awhile because there is always differing opinions, than you can choose which you like the best or combine a few. That is my favorite thing about home breweing taking a recipe and making it my own.

Have fun brewing is more than a hobby it is a way of life.

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