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Hefeweizen, belgian wit recipe recommendation

Hi All,

I’m an all grain brewer and and looking for a recommendation for a hefeweizen or belgian wit type beer. Anybody have a recipe that just love?



Don’t know much about hefes but Belgian wit is all about the yeast IMO I like WLP400


I love the banana and clove taste in a good German hefe. That being said there are many recipes out there for a hefe but its the yeast that gives it a distinct character. I like to use Weihenstephan Weizen yeast from Wyeast. I get a very good balance of clove and banana when using this yeast. Try it some time and see what you think.

I’ll second @brew_cat ‘s it’s all about the yeast. But I’ll add the yeast requires the right fermentation temps to develop the desired flavors.

Last Spring, I did a chain of brews where I used the same yeast (WLP500) in 2 batches, and made them develop different flavors, just by controlling temperature.

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