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Hefeweizen as first AG? Looking for Dutch Uncle

Getting ready to do my first AG with mash tun (I have done a BIAB AG). I’m currently taken with the taste of Hefeweizen, but the NB kit gives some slightly complex instructions:
Protein Rest: 122° F for 20 minutes
Beta Sacch’ Rest: 149° F for 30 minutes
Alpha Sacch’ Rest: 158 F for 30 minutes
Mashout: 170° F for 10 minutes

(with an alternative 1 temp mash)

I assume the best results come from the multi-step.

So… would it be better to develop some AG chops on something simpler?

Yikes, I just did my Hefe and I just did a 150 or so mash, I’ll have to go and check the number exactly as maybe it was 152 and that is it… carp it is almost gone. Hurry up witbier before Val gets here…


I’ve done hefe’s with a protein rest at 122 and as a single infusion and they are both good, had a little more protein haze with the single infusion, but no problems with fermentability. A 20-30 min protein rest and then a rise to saccarification temp is more than adequate, probably no need to do a 3 step mash, and a single infusion will work too.

If you are using a semi automated system like a Sabco, go for it.

If you are using the “cheap n easy” cooler system, It’s to much work to try and hit the numbers. Go for a single infusion temp.

What Nighthawk said… and I just checked my notes and I did a single rest at 152°F for 60 minutes…


Yes, just using a basic igloo cooler mash tun.
If you guys liked your beer, then that’s good enough for me. Single infusion.

The only problem I have with my last Hefe is everyone liked it and it’s all gone… but that’s OK I have a Witbier ready to send to the kegs.

Just keep it simple, relax and enjoy your brew day…


On my second all grain batch, I did a multistep hefeweizen. I have done single infusion ever since on this beer with much improved results

Brewed the hefe today. I went with single infusion and batch sparged.
First time doing AG.

There was 11 pounds of grain, I used 16 1/2 quarts strike water, collected 3 gallons from that, and used 3 gallons sparge water. The boil was about 26 quarts.

Tried to take the OG, but it seemed to be only 1.03 (!?) I don’t know if that was right. I put the hydrometer into the thief tube…maybe it was too narrow… the wort seemed denser than that.

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