Hefe yeast

I have only brewed hefeweizen and I used WL300. It was a great beer. I am just wondering is it the best yeast out there for making a German hefeweizen or is there something better?

I’m partial to Wyeast 3068.

3068 is great stuff. Brewed a Hefe with this yeast a few weeks ago. It’s fun to experiment with using temp as your variable during fermentation. Clove vs. banana flavors.

I’ve used both WLP300 and WY3068 with good results. As I understand it, both originate from the Weihenstephan 68 strain - so they should yield similar results under the same conditions. Here’s a link to some tables on the mrmalty site that cross-reference White Labs and Wyeast strains and also show from which original strain they are known or thought to have been propagated. http://www.mrmalty.com/yeast.htm

I agree. Both strains are very similar. Fermentation temp is the main determinant of flavor profile most of the time.

I’m a big fan of WY3638. It has some nice sweet spice notes (vanilla, cardamom, etc.) to its phenolics that I really like, especially in a dunkelweizen.