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Hefe or ale yeast

Brewing up my summer ale basically an American witbier. I have some hefe yeast saved but also some us05. The 05 is under a IPA that’s ready for kegging so I can rack split and repitch . That’s what I’m leaning. What do others do? Last year I used 05. I’ve used the hefe and got clear beer so not sure what it would add

Wont the hefe bring bring those wonderful banana and clove flavors to the party? I would play with hefe, just to change up the usual summer ale, or even split it and use both yer yeasts! Sometimes its good to git off the well traveled path… Sneezles61

ale yeast

I have orange zest in it so I think I’ll bot go withe the hefe for now maybe in a test batch. One bucket will get the 05 the second bucket now I’m thinking I have some WL 530 one American style for my octoberfest and one Belgian of myself. It’s not a wit yeast so it may floculate a little more but I think with the flaked oats and weatina I mashed it should be cloudy. I could drink allagash wit all day long no problem.

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