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Hefe cleared in bottle

Brewed Bavarian Hefe from extract kit a while back. No secondary fermentation. The first 35 bottles were outstanding–cloudy with a little yeast left on the bottom of the bottle and pronounced banana flavor! This past Saturday night, bottles 36 and 37 were also excellent with the exact same characteristics. Then, BAM!! Sunday night all our remaining bottles had completely cleared with no cloudiness and a different flavor profile (not bad, but definitely different).

Any ideas why this would happen? If it was a contamination issue, I’d assume we would have run into this problem in some of the previous bottles. Do hefe’s clear in the bottle? I just think it’s weird that they all cleared at the same time…


The cloudiness is from the yeast suspended in the beer. Eventually, all the yeast will settle. The trick is to pour about half the beer, then gently swirl the remaining beer in the bottle to mix up the yeast and pour it into your glass. Your cloudiness is back! :smiley:

I believe most of the cloudiness is chill haze, wheat malt is high in proteins. Eventually the chill haze will drop out after the beer has been refrigerated for a while, just like most unfiltered beers.

Just roll the bottles on the countertop before pouring.

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