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Heavy Duty Rocket Stove

Well fellas, I saw the plans for this sweet little rig

and immediately wished I had some metalwork skills!

I think this would be great for brewing, and it essentially runs on scrap lumber - check it out! What do you think?

I’ve been seeing alot of these on the youtuber and instructables. I think it would be a great project.
I would love to see some ribs or tri tip broiled on that thing. I never thougth about using it to brew. Huh! Oh crap not another project. :cheers:

I’ve seen that too. looks like it could be adapted for a great outdoor wok burner. :wink:

STEP 4 shows the burn chamber, it would seem you’d want the intake pipe to be tangent with the bottom plate so you can clean out the chamber completely of ash.
STEP 10 vent holes are advised below the lid for pressure relief. When it is stored outside I think you would want to be sure to keep it dry so rain stays out of the sand otherwise when burning it may turn into steam jets shooting out horizontal at about a height that may do some real damage. ouch. :shock: maybe a diverter cover over the hole.

Most important though,
From STEP 3: “Fill the tank with water and empty it several times to remove any leftover propane fumes and gas.” :!:

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