Heavy Caramel Aroma/Taste?

I brewed a Vienna Lager 8 weeks ago with 7.5lb Vienna, 1.5lb Bo Pils, 4oz CaraAroma, and 1oz Carafe III- 25ibu’s with 60min Tettnang and .5oz 5min Tettnang.

Tried out dry yeast 34/70 for the first time, but only pitched one rehydrated 11g pack (I pissed off about the $5.99 price per pack). Fermented from 1.047 to 1.011 in 2 weeks at 52F and held at 60F for 2 days after. So the beer isn’t heavy or full bodied by any means.

The caramel aroma isn’t overwhelming and is actually starting to fade, just find it odd. The only other time I’ve had this was in a Ofest using Vienna and Dark Munich as the base with a large liquid yeast starter of wyeast 2141.

Is this just the characteristic of a heavy Vienna base lager?

Any comments welcome.