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Heating question?

Hello I have a question about what is the best thing to use for heating. A seeding mat, reptile heating mat or heating light bulb, Fermwrap?

I’ve only used a water bath with an aquarium heater for carboys. The aquarium heater is controlled by a STC-1000. This is also my swamp cooler set up. The STC-1000 also controls a fan for accelerating evaporative cooling with a wet towel on the carboy when needed.

I guess it depends. In a chest freezer any of the options you mentioned would work. It would depend on what you were trying to achieve. I use a Lasko personal space heater but I only use it with a temp controller reading air temp. I only use it when I’m trying to maintain a warmer temp as fermentation slows.

I use heating wraps and control them with a temp controller. I tape the probe to the side of the fermenter, and insulate it from ambient air temps.

I don’t think I would put a 5 gallon batch on a heating matt on a hard surface… Sneezles61

I use a wrap and controller from our host, with the long probe directly into the middle of the wort for accurate temp measurement.

As flars does, I also use a swamp cooler/water bath. 1/2 gallon size ice bottles when I need to cool it, an aquarium heater when I need to warm it. Once stabilized, the temperature of the bath is the same as the temp. inside the bucket. I tend to take a temp. 2-3 times daily the 1st 3-4 days.
I do also have a cardboard box lined with Styrofoam that I use with a heating pad when it’s very cold in my basement. When I use that though, I have to take the temp of the fermenting beer by popping the airlock and dropping the sanitized thermometer down the hole.

I wrap a heating pad around the fermenter and then wrap a blanket around that

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