Heady... Am I completely crazy?

I’ve never had it. A friend of mine has come upon 2 cans, which he says he will share with me. I was super excited until I found out that the beer is 5-6 months old. He says he THINKS he will be able to get more in the springtime, that will perhaps be fresher.

So, given it is so old, I am considering the idea of putting it on display in my bar, and not even drinking it. Yeah I could drink it and still display the can, but there is a certain appeal of displaying it full.

What would you do?

I would drink it. It’s not going to taste super fresh but I bet it will still taste pretty darn good

Plus if he can’t score some in the spring, that can will be 6 months older…

it is also kind of a jerk move, if your buddy has 2 cans, for you to take one to not drink. Just enjoy it or let him keep it. I bet he would rather have 2 than 1.

Good point. Hate it when I’m a jerk. Thanks for screwing my head on straight.

Good point. Hate it when I’m a jerk. Thanks for screwing my head on straight.[/quote]

Yeah, nice of him to remind you, huh? :roll:

That’s what friends are for!

duh drink one save one

Punch a hole or two in the bottom somewhere, drink it and have the can that looks full. You will enjoy it BTW. It’s the hoppiest beer I have ever had that wast really very bitter.

Never pass up a Heady Topper. It’s so hard to get even for those who live in VT. I have a contact in VT that I see once or twice a year, and they have a hard time scoring some for me. I did get 4 cans in the spring that were fresh…drank them right away and harvested the Conan yeast. Brewed a clone that was (and still is) super!

I think your crazy for asking that. It’s just beer, drink it.