Heads Up On Chest Freezer Deal

While I’m not a fan of WalMart, I was in our local store today and they had a GE 7cft chest freezer on sale for $158. Great deal for anyone looking to build a keezer. I have the same model that I actually use as a freezer, but I think I’m going back to get one for my build tomorrow.

I just bought a 7 cft at Home Depot for the $158.00

How many kegs fit into that 7 cu ft? Four ball locks and two 3 gallons on the hump?

That’s what I would like to know too, 4 corneys might be perfect for me.

I would say 3 easy with room on the hump. You could probably also fit 2 carboys in it as a fermentation chamber, but that might be tight. I found that HD had offered them at that price also. Seems like maybe it’s a model closing out or something.