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Heading to San Fran. Where can I find PLINY?

I’m heading to San Fran in June and I’ve read a couple threads about where to visit. I’ll be there for 3 days for my anniversary, but my wife won’t be keen on scouring the city for a specific beer.

But, I’m looking to track down Pliny. Bottle or Tap, makes no difference to me.

Do any of you know of a place to look, or maybe a bar that has it on tap fairly regularly?

I used this page to find somewhere to pick up some bottles when I was in SF a couple weeks ago:

I wasn’t close enough to make it to one of the great bottle shops (no car) so a Whole Foods from that list did the trick.

I’m sure you found this. :wink:

Of course, calling ahead to verify would be prudent.

Don’t miss Toronado either…or the sausages at the place next door. There’s some other great beer bars elsewhere in the Haight as well, but Toronado is one to check off the list.

I’d road trip to Santa Rosa if you can and get it at the source. The brew-pub is just amazing- espicially the Belgians they make. Totally worth the trip.

Absolutely. They have an impressive taster plater:

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