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Heading to NB today, have extra temp controller

Hey guys. Just thought I would throw this out there and let you know that I’m going to be heading to northern brewer (on grand) today and have an extra johnson controls temp controller lying around I was thinking of bringing. I was hoping to get $40 for it (Its brand new).

If anyone is heading that way that wants a good deal on a temp controller let me know. We can arrange the time, I’m pretty flexible today.

if only I was closer…
I have a temp controller on my short list of next purchases…
good luck!

If you’re not afraid of doing a little wiring, there’s a popular one on the market now for about $22 from Hong Kong. Looks like the whole build itself is about $30-35 for a dual stage temp controller. ... 1438.l2649

Here is the other controller.

I have a post with the wiring diagram on this site.

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