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Heading to Asheville NC early April

My wife and I are going to visit Asheville NC for a few days early April. Seems to be quite a few breweries there. Curious if anyone has any recommendations for any that we should make sure to visit (taste). Its all part of our “where do we want to live when we retire” journey. I’m liking the sound of the place so far from what I have read and heard…


No suggestions for you but I’d love to hear tyour thoughts regarding retirement there.

I will let you know when we get back. Going April 4-7th. We checked out the Charleston SC area a couple of months back and it was way more congested than I had thought. Plus a bit too hot and humid in the summer. I have always heard Asheville has a great climate, a little bit of winter but less heat and humidity in the summer due to the higher elevation. Home prices are no bargain, which is a bit dissapointing but selling our house in the Boston area will make it a bit of a wash.
In between micro breweries we will check out some neighborhoods and talk to some locals and hopefully come to some conclusions.
I had also looked around the Raleigh / Cary area when traveling on business but it just seemed to be the same as I have here only warmer. Which would be fine if I were early in my working years but I am looking for someplace I am happy to be… Hopefully it exists.


No suggestions here but I’m sure they don’t have a Tree House or a Trillium. How can you leave that?

well if Tree House or Trillium start sending a crew over to plow and shovel my driveway in the winter I would give it a bit more thought. Plus I am too busy consuming my own brew…

LOL. True story @tominboston. It’s funny because my wife and I just made a trip to Boston last year and said “we could live here”. Having second thoughts after the past few nor’easters or whatever they call them.

Up in Duluth Mn is got some great brew pubs… Very seldom snows… Nice and cool next to the lake in the summer months… er I mean month… No need to drive any where as the hill side is all ice… You may have to beware of either slipping and falling, or, those adrenaline junkies skating down the hills! Unbelievable how they figured out stopping!! Most get a nice ride in a warm ambulance… Just another option! :nerd: Sneezles61

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Well it was a nice trip. Great craft beer destination as there are supposed to be 130 Brewers in the area. We visited a few in town with tasting rooms. Most of the pubs and restaurants have many local brews on tap. Only spent a few days there but not sure I could last much more than that. Too enticing to try so many beers. Just about any variety you can imagine. Didn’t have one I did not like.
For a retirement destination, well it’s a great area but it’s out there. We flew into Charlotte and drove 2 hours to get there. I am not sure if I could have found a direct flight from Boston that would get closer. I don’t like the small commuter airlines as they seem to get cancelled if there is any hint of bad weather or the plane is undersold. Then my wife brought up the question I knew was lurking, " what about when the boys get married and we have grandchildren ".
Of course if it were an easier destination to get to, it wouldn’t be the same feel I am sure.

I would like to go back with my sons sometime and do some further sampling and tour some breweries for sure.

Why not become a “snow bird”? Find a place you like to be, say from just after Christmas, until May1? Get away on a drive… hang out… look around… Perhaps another spot looks more to your liking for the next year? We’ve been entertaining this thought of an all out sale and move… I’m not too sure I could tolerate the excessive heat and humidity… Sneezles61

Yup that’s what we are now thinking. The Asheville area is much cooler as it is higher elevation in the mountains. Just tough to get to for people you would like to have visit. So maybe it’s a primary house on cape cod and take off for a couple of months in the winter to a milder but interesting area.

Touche! And there can be many interesting areas’… I’m thinking… Beer-cation?! :sunglasses: Sneezles61

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My daughter used to live in the raliegh/Durham area. Brutal in the summer but not as bad as Florida. She didn’t really like it they don’t care much for Yankees. My wife used to talk about moving in retirement I told her I’d miss her. My daughter lives in CO so we spend alot of time out there they have a nice climate ,not cheap though. Have you thought about the southwest? Much better climate

Well the wife wants to be reasonably close to the kids, even though there is no telling where they may want to go after they finish grad school.

I would gladly take the Colorado area. Maybe I should just take the dog and go.

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I just read that CO has the most breweries per capita than any state

Maybe I will start loading up the car…

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Grandkids are game changers. We had planned to spend some time away but we can’t not see the little guy for more than a week. :heart_eyes:

If I called my Wife that… Well, We wouldn’t have this conversation!:grin: Honestly… My wife IS my best friend too. I know staying put is as good as it gets for me… BUT… Her needs are equally important… We’ll all have to keep after this… Perhaps there is some place we could all gather to spend a few months… Brewing, schmoozing… You know… Hanging out… Change it up every year… Sneezles61

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ha , yes that would be a major life event here as well.

So to close out the subject, I think Asheville is an awesome craft beer destination and worth a visit. I wish I went when I as younger and could do more sampling per day before I hit my limit. I figured it would be good when I saw the “Brewery Guide” that is published and handed out. Sierra Nevada is close by and runs a “Beer Geek” 3 hour tour that gets into ingredients and processes. I could not get into one this time, but if I were going back I would reserve that a bit ahead of time.


Well I have grandkids in CO and grandkids upstate NY so I need to be near an airport which is a major consideration if you want to be near them. Lucky for me Hartford has direct flights to Denver as does Logan. A 4hr flight and a 3hr drive I can be there in 5 hrs give or take ,with the time change. I’m 4 1/2 from my son and 5+ to my camp. The rest of my family is in NY/CT/MA. I have the house I built and designed orchards and gardens. Sure I have to plow and shovel a bit but so what. I have a 700’ driveway and it’s still worth it to live in a place you love.


This is our dilemna. We love our place but it’s just too big now that the kids are grown.

We haven’t had a bad winter storm for a few years now. Only had to clear the driveway once this year.

Mowing 10 acres is a pain at times. My perfect retirement house would be in the woods for privacy with a small yard to mow.

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