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Head retention

I just brewed a test batch using dried poblano chiles. It tastes awesome but am wondering if theres something I can do to aid head retention. Any thoughts are welcome!

Wow! alot of looks but no replies! I think I’ve stumped the forum!

The use of dried chilies doesn’t really imply an effect on head retention. More information is needed. Full recipe, mash schedule, etc would be helpful.

I put .5 lbs of wheat and .5lbs of flaked oats in almost every batch of beer I Brew for mouthfeel and head retention. Could try something like that. Not sure if the peppers cut into head retention or not.

Just a guess, I would say that the peppers would cut into the head retention. Usually it is the caspin oil (I think thats the right name for it) that makes a pepper hot and oil cuts head retention. Just a guess but it sounds right to me.

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