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Head Hunter IPA

Anyone have experience with this? The commercial beer is great, I can’t remember where I picked this recipe up at. Might give it a try this weekend.

25%Marris Otter
6%Toasted Wheat Flakes

Mash 151
23%Columbus 90min
6.7%Citra/6.7%Centennial 45min
6.7%Citra/6.7%Centennia 30min
23.3%Simcoe/16%Centennial/3%Columbus 0min

percentages are in relation to quantity of the kettle hopbill

Centennial/Simcoe/Citra/Columbus DH for 10days .21oz per gallon/per hop

1056 cali ale ferm at 67

OG:1.068 FG:1.014 IBU 87

that looks like it might be from Mitch Steele’s IPA book. I’ve heard a lot about the commercial beer but never had it (we just started getting Fatheads distributed here, but all i’ve seen so far is the bumble blueberry wheat :cry: )

i’ve had that recipe in the on deck folder for a bit - be sure to post back with your results.

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