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Head High From Hard Cider

Hello All,
I am new here as a member but I have long, and greatly, appreciated the knowledge shared by my fellow brewers / fermenters… I was wondering why I get a head high from drinking my home hard cider? There are no off flavors (to my awareness anyways) and there are no undesired effect, i.e. gas, headache, stomachache, etc….

Any insight would be very much appreciated!

More information:

I am specifically speaking of two batches - the 1st was a very simple / lazy brew where I used locally pressed and pasteurized apple cider and champagne yeast & the 2nd was a blend of concord grape juice, blueberry juice, pomegranate juice and champagne yeast.

I should add that the first was in a primary for 1 month and a secondary for another month. The second was a quick attempt at a spritzer effect and only fermented for two days prior to the tasting / head high effects.

Thanks in advance!

IIRC I had a mead that 1 glass would knock my socks off the next morning. I’ve consumed some recently and don’t remember having an issue.

How old are these beverages?

Wild… As mentioned above, each one was aged differently. One was consumed after just a couple of days of fermentation & the other spent a month in a primary and then another in a secondary.

Give them more time. Had several of the “killer” meads last night. Didn’t have any issues this morning.

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