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Head first into the AG deep end!

My son got me the 5 gal all grain kit from NB for xmas. Took a class in January and dove head in. I have about 12 extract batches under the belt.

Have bottled a Dunkelwiezen. I have an Irish Red and Surly Cynic in secondaries. Have an English pale ale in a primary. On tap for tomorrow is brewing an English Summer Ale using Wy1968 vice Wy1768. The Dunkelwiezen is a tad drier than the extract kit produced and tastes great. The Surly Cynic is damn near spot on. We have a couple of four-packs for comparison. The Irish Red is just pleasant as all get out.

Now to convince my landlord of the need for a gas stove and/or ventilation in the basement for propane use. I think I have an in with him. He liked the spiced winter ale six-pack I gave him and he bought the deluxe kit from NB.

WOOO way to go! Seems like you are having a great time.

I really enjoyed bringing up my mash water faster with a heatstick in an apartment. My main issue was the amount of water in the air. I had water dripping down the walls and stuff. The heatstick really helped.


We have a fairly strong kitchen exhaust fan but I do notice brown condensation on the soffet above the stove. Formula409 and some elbow grease. Of course the stovetop is slowly going to h#ll with a 10 gal boilermaker bubbling away for an hour plus.

If you can, consider brewing outside or in a garage if using a propane burner, like most people do who use a propane burner - it’s much safer in terms of danger of asphyxiation, and burning down the house. I brew on a roof-covered outdoor patio, but prior to this house just went outdoors but near the door into the kitchen.

We’ll be hitting outside soon. Being a wimp about temps and snow/rain/sleet. The electric stove does not do a hard boil. About 0.75 gal/hour evap rate. Maybe. On a good day. When there are no elephant stampedes in Zimbabwe during the rainy season on Thursdays.

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