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Hbc 472 hops

Did read about this kind of hops. Anyone used this one before. Me add this to the october order. Seems this gives coconut flav. Me thinking brewing a coconut beer. But if i use this hop. Do i still need to add roasted coconut. Me afraid. I dont get the retention. Foam. In my finished product. So question. This hop gives enough coconut flav?

If you truly want it to taste coconut then you need to use coconut. 9 out of 10 people won’t taste the coconut in the hops. The only beer I ever dumped had coconut in it. I guess it got infected.

Thanks. Will see what i do not sure yet.

Me till so far. Had infection on stout. Me not happy did dump. It. Think. The chocolate gave the infection. So try to avoid this. Was looking at this kind of hop.

Dry hop with a massive amount of this hop… Maybe it will shine through. Sneezles61

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