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Hazy carboy

Brewed an IPA (first all grain for me) OG was 1058 and after 1 week fell to 1012 was ready to dry hop in secondary untill I tasted the product…

Great clarity, good alcohol content bo 0 body or mouth feel, so on the reccomendation of my local brewshop owner I added a mini mash of 1 lb crystal maltt and 1 lb amber DME with an OG of 1068, so I am now in a secondary and there is a white haze forming on the inside of my carboy and am a bit worried.
Link to a utube vid below, any help is appreciated…

If you are adding fresh fermentables to it, they will ferment from the yeast in suspension (the same thing happens when you bottle-condition). I’m not sure how the beer will turn out, but I am sure I probably wouldn’t heed the advice of the LHBS owner again. You would have been better off brewing/fermenting a smaller batch and blending.

I’m a bit skeptical on the brew now too, any thoughts on what the hazy material is or if there is cause for alarm?

I should have noted that this is my first time using a glass carboy, I usually use 6g buckets so I don’t know if this is a normal byproduct collecting on the glass.

sorry, I should have clarified. My thought would be the white stuff is just a mini krausen that is forming as the yeast dissolved in the solution metabolize the sugars in your specialty grain addition.

Who knows, I might be wrong and this could work out fine, especially if you’re going to dry hop the hell out of this beer (which i would recommend).

Carboys are great, but fermentations look ugly and scary. Don’t be scared, the yeast are making you beer to drink/share. At this point, there is such a high population of yeast, the pH of the solution is low enough, and there is enough alcohol, where it would be pretty difficult for a new microbe (pedio/lacto/wild yeast) to take hold.

When it’s done fermenting, it will drop clear over a period of a couple days. I have some neat pictures of it somewhere at home.

Looks normal, the CO2 is making the trub float and the yeast is causing a haze while its working.


I am dry hopping with I think 3 oz (amarrilo, Simcoe and glacier)

Thanks for the help, and any one in S.MA in about a month feel free to drop by for this Frankenbrew!

Looks normal, like a new krausen from adding fermentables. One thing… when you did your mini-mash you boiled it, right?

That was a VERY STRANGE recommendation by your LHBS owner.

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