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I know there are remedies out there to eliminate haziness. I just made a batch of AK47 Mild Pale Ale and after a week and a half of fermenting it is still very hazy. I moved it to secondary last night. Any suggestions on the best and easiest way to eliminate the haziness? I don’t think this beer is supposed to be that hazy. The flavor is very good.

I usually leave them in the primary for three weeks or more, then cold crash and keg. It will certainly not be clear after a week and a half. Just give it time.

cold crash and add gelatin.

The cold crash term is new to me. What does that mean? If it matters, I have been bottling, not kegging.

Cold crashing refers to getting the beer down to a temperature just above freezing for a few days. This allows the haziness to form, also called chill haze. Ones it forms, you can add gelatin and it will bond to those haze causing proteins and drop them to the bottom.

Thanks very much for the information. I will give it a try. I appreciate the help. Bottoms up!

I had a really hazy looking wheat (50/50) AG in the primary 1 week, sitting on a yeast cake from a previous batch. Decided to secondary for 2 weeks, then bottled. It cleared up amazingly - does not look hazy as a wheat beer might.

Cold crash, gelatin, and time.
You can’t rush good beer.

According to the book Wit and wisdom of brewing with wheat you get longer lasting haze by limiting your wheat proportion to 20%.
I also read somewhere that dry hopped beers seem to stay a bit hazy.

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