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Hazelnut Coffee Porter

So I tried the Samuel Adams Hazel Brown last week and was very pleased with the flavor profile. I loved the hazelnut flavors that came from this brew. I hadn’t come up with a recipe lately and kinda feel like I have been slacking on that front. Being back in school and the rest of life has kept me fairly busy. Anyways, I was searching around and ended up thinking of trying to do a hazelnut coffee porter. I researched how to do the coffee and apparently there really isn’t a “right” way of doing it. Everyone has their own way and got their own results. So here is the recipe I am thinking of going with.

3lbs - Dark Malt Dry Extract
3lbs - Wheat Malt Dry Extract
1lb - Briess Caramel 60L
8oz - Fawcett Pale Chocolate
8oz - Franco=Belges Kiln Coffee

.5oz - Northern Brewer Hops - 60min
.5oz - Northern Brewer Hops - 30min
.5oz - Willamette Hops - 30min
.50z - Willamette Hops - 15min

Safale US-05

3.5oz - Dark Brown Sugar - Bottling
4oz - Hazelnut Coffee Grounds - Added at flameout and allowed to sit it the wort
until the wort hits a temp of around 140.
1tsp - Irish Moss

IBU - 36.6
SRM - 29
ABV - 5.1%

After looking at the recipe a bit after not looking for a couple days, does it make sense that this is more a stout than a porter?

To me it isn’t a stout without roast barley.

To me it isn’t a stout without roast barley.[/quote]

Good point.

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