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Haze type?

Is there a way to determine what is causing your haze in beer? i.e. starch, protein, yeast… etc.

Gelatin did not remove haze in a Belgian Blonde. Would that mean that it was neither protein nor yeast? Really love this beer but want to try to get rid of haze for next batch.

ive heard geletin only works when the beer is cold. did you use it at low temps?

Time and cold temps.

How old is your beer? Less than 4 weeks?

The beer was in a keg at 50F for 3 weeks then moved to 38F for 2 weeks while carbing. I used the gelatin midway through carbing at 38F. I used the gelatin on an Irish Stout at the same time, and that cleaned up in 3 days. That one I knew was yeast haze from taste and because I was rushing it.

The gelatin eventually worked great on the blonde too. It took two extra days for the beer to clear (5 total days). Looks awesome now. I probably could have been more patient.

That’s what most hard core homebrewers eventually learn.
Glad it turned out to your liking!

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