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Haven't brewed in 2+ years

I haven’t brewed a batch in over 2 years. Also I live in a totally different climate now. Was in the desert in Southern Nevada, now in cold SE Idaho. Just did a starter, going really slow. Pitched last night. Is it because I’m at the lower end of my yeast temp? I’m used to pushing the higher end. Lol. Using a 1762 Belg Abby, 65-75 range. I’m at 66-68. Getting yeasty action, just not the boiling bomex I’m used to.

Welcome back to brewing, and welcome to cold, unpredictable weather. I live in Wyoming.


I’m in Maine… Cold is my life… I brewed a few beers at the colder range of the yeast and it took awhile to ferment - I have since bought an electric brew belt to maintain a middle range brew temp and have been happy so far… A lot of unplugging and plugging but it heats up a five gallon batch within a few hours…

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