Have to share

Got to love a cold Pilsner on a day like today. Wish I could share it with you all. :cheers:

Looks great! And a good homebrew for a hot day. I had a Wolters pilsner out of Braunschweig Germany in a pint can today while basking in the pool after heavy yard work.

My Munich Helles is in primary and will be ready while we still have “Summer” here in Florida which is almost till November!

Nice glass, good looking beer. To hot here, but probably not as hot where you are, to enjoy a beer on the deck, even though it is in the shade.

Only 95 here today. Beats the heck out of 106 earlier in the week. Beer looks good.

We only got to about 90. I was inside painting and came out for a beer break. After I posted this picture it ended up being a beer nap.

Very nice! I love Pilsners. :smiley:

Very nice picture! I can close my eyes and almost taste that! It was a scorcher hear in Mn. 90…… :cheers:

This happens to me a lot if I drink during the day and don’t keep it going.

No problem it was Saturday. I woke up refreshed and finished the job