Have I stalled?

I brewed a NB 1 gallon batch of Dead Ringer on Thursday 11/1. Some action that night & into Friday afternoon. It has been still & silent since Friday night, no movement, no floaters, NOTHING. I gave it a shake/stir yesterday and not even a blub. Any thoughts? I know its only 5 days later, but could it be ready to secondary/bottle? Or am I just antsy? :?


1 gallon is to little beer to take a hydrometer sample from.

My guess is you pitched a huge amount of yeast and the cleared out the buffet in a hurry.

Antsy. It’s still working. I’d give it another week (or three if you plan on skipping secondary and dry-hopping in the primary). I brew dead ringer frequently and didn’t notice a difference when I cut out the secondary step.

Per NB instructions, half packet of Safale US-05.

Mr Malty’s recommendation is for 2g of yeast. 1/2 pack would be 5.75g?

In reality, this is a 1 gallon starter.

As Warthius stated, let it sit for a week.