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Have a recipe I'd like some advise on

I started out putting this together as an American cream ale for some of my AHB drinking friends and family members…it became…well, something else I think…still within style for a cream ale, but with a couple small twists I hope will come out really nice…just a little less american. Would like some opinions on it.

all grain. kettle and Gott cooler setup. single infustion. single stage ale, pretty basic beer, but I think it looks really good. Still, I’d rather throw it to the masters and be told what is wrong than figure it out through my own folly.

here is the basic run down

8.5 lbs 2 row (us) 87.2%

6.4 oz Gambrinus Honey malt 4.1%
4.8 oz Belgain Buscuit malt 3.1%
8.8 oz carapils 5.6%
Mash 156 deg 60 min
sparge 168

hallertauer 1 oz 60 min (16.6 IBU)
Saaz 1 oz 1 min (0.6 IBU)

Yeast - US-05
(considered several different Liquid options, but just dont feel like bothering with a starter for this one)

SRM - 5.1
IBU - 17.2
OG - 1.051
ABV - 4.9

So any opinions or corrections would be very welcome. this will be my first recipe I didnt copy off someone else and just change the hops or get in a kit. Looking for a nice basic summer ale everyone can enjoy. basic enough for my AHB drinking friends, but still with enough complexity that my fellow home brewers can also appreciate it.

huh. was just buzzin around on here , looks like this recipe is pretty darn close to the one NB has in thier kit. hmmmm

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