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Has anyone made their own amber and/or brown malt?

And if so, how did it turn out. I am thinking about giving it a try.

http://homebrewingadventures.blogspot.c ... -malt.html

Min F (C) Color (L) Flavor
20 250 (121) Pale Gold (100) Nutty, not toasty
25 300 (149) Gold (20) Malty, Carmelly, rich, not toasty
30 350 (177) Amber (35) Nutty, Malty, Lightly Toasted
40 375 (191) Deep Amber (65) Nutty, toffee-like, crisp toastiness
30 400 (204) Copper (100) Strong toasted flavor, some nutlike notes
40 400 (204) Deep Copper (125) Roasted, not toasted, like porter or coffee
50 400 (204) Brown (175) Strong Roasted flavor

I’ve toasted malt and flaked grains, but I’ve never seen those parameters. Good information.
I have a 12 lb brisket on the smoker that’s been going for 9 hrs. After reading your post, I put 3 lbs of 2 row on for 45 mins at 250. Light smoke flavor,
nicely toasted.

Drew Beechum talked about toasting flaked grains, then storing in a brown paper bag for a week. Any idea why?

I’ve thought about doing it. The only problem lies with time. I understand that you have to leave the toasted grain in a container for a few weeks. Might have to give it a try; it would be neat to brew a beer with grain toasted by me and not a maltster.

I have made Brown malt. Turned out well and seems that I used similar instructions.

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