Has anyone ever used this stuff?

So I came across this stuff in an international grocery locally. Ingredients are sugar, juice and citric acid. Anyone ever try and use this stuff to make wine before?

No preservatives? If not you could definately use it. How does it taste. I wonder if it would work better if added to something else. A cider or mead? Or to boost volume and gravity of some fresh crushed berries.

I’m going to go buy 2 bottles today and try a 1 gallon batch and see what it does. It was only $5 a bottle and from what I estimated from the sugar content on the label I should be able to get around 1.09 SG from one bottle of syrup in a 1 gallon batch.

There were about 6 different flavors. Black currant, cherry, pomegranate what I can remember off the top of my head.

If anything I think this stuff would be great for flavoring and/or backsweetening with regular juice.

Started 1 gallon. 1 bottle mixed with water to make one gallon came up with 1.08 SG, so I added a little extra to make it 1.09. Added a little pectic enzyme and nutrient and a little D47 since it is what I had on hand for a mead I’m making. getting some action in it.

As far as taste goes, it tastes fine. If it doesn’t make a decent wine I can tell you it would be great for flavoring + backsweetening.