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Has anyone brewed the BB Coffee Porter?

Anyone brew the Brewers Best Coffee Porter kit? I bottled it on New Years Eve. I decided to skip a secondary and let it sit in the primary for 3 weeks and a couple days. It called for a 4.5 oz package of coffee grounds at 5 mins. I don’t drink coffee regularly but I do like coffee however it seemed to be really strong tasting at bottling time. Anyone have experience with a coffee beer? I’m hoping with time and some carbonation it will mellow out.

I’ve not brewed that kit, but I’ve done a green tea pale ale. At bottling, the tea flavor was very up-front, however, after carbing/conditioning for about 2-3 weeks, it was very subtle. Turned out to be one of my most requested beers. I’d say give it some time, and see where she goes.

I’ve brewed more extract beers than I can count any more and I still don’t have a good feel for what the beer will be like after bottle conditioning. Sometimes its just hard to tell.

With that said, I’ve brewed a few coffee style extract beers of a similar style and the same happened to me, the coffee was really strong up front. Its going to mellow out the longer it sites, most likely. Personally, I liked the strong coffee upfront so it went pretty quick when I brewed it. I did, however, have a few carbonation problems when I brewed coffee beers (likely unrelated to the coffee).

Hope that helps

I recently brewed, and am currently drinking, NB’s Coffee Stout. After 3 weeks bottle conditioning the beer had a fairly strong coffee flavor and aroma. It’s now been 5 weeks and the coffee flavor and aroma are now quite subtle. I was surprised how fast strength of the coffee flavor dropped. Most importantly, it tasted really good the whole time!

I’m drinking a coffee stout right now. I can tell you that after a month in the keg the aroma from the coffee and the flavor is less. but the beer taste really good like all the flavors have come together more, making for a better beer. I just wish the aroma was stronger, when I first taped it, it smelled like you opened a fresh bag of coffee when you poured a pint. Good luck with your brew.

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