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Has anybody here ever made respberry wine?

I have a patch of raspberries in my backyard and, while I do enjoy making raspberry pies every year, it just occurred to me that I could also experiment with making raspberry wine. Has anybody here ever tried this? (I don’t make wine often; I’m more of a beer person.)

It is very easy, & wonderful to drink…everything you need is in the Winemaker’s Recipe Handbook


(we call it “the purple book” in wine making circles) :slight_smile:

good luck!

JLH :cheers:

Awesome; I’ll see about checking that one out. :slight_smile:

Jack Keller has a great site with many recipes.

Just be careful not to use too many raspberries, there is something about that berry that turns the taste nasty if the flavor is too concentrated.

If you decide to make a dry wine, use less raspberries. If you prefer sweet, use more - you’ll need the extra acid to balance the sugar.

You can also consider a raspberry wheat beer. Just brew a standard American wheat recipe - but use US-05 or some similar neutral yeast. After fermentation is about done, put 4 lbs crushed frozen raspberries (the freezing breaks down cell walls and helps extract the juice) into a fermentation bucket and rack the beer onto it. Let it sit a month to ensure fully fermented out, then prime and bottle.

Thanks for the tips and the link. :cheers: Probably going to try it once I’ve finished my slightly walnut-infused brew that I’ve got going now (had an accident involving a cup of walnuts and my mash).

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