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Harvesting Yeast

I have a Belgian ale i’m brewing. 3 1/2 weeks into primary and ready to bottle. I would like to collect the yeast , wash it, and fridge if for future brews. I have viewed some videos, and understand the process. The Yeast was made from a starter with a wyeast pack 3463 forbidden Fruit. My question is what beers can I use this in, or should I say am I limited to which beers this can be used in Thanks.

This is what Wyeast says. But I’m all for trying different yeasts in different beers and experimenting.

YEAST STRAIN: 3463 | Forbidden Fruit™

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A widely used strain in the production of Witbier and Grand Cru. This yeast will produce spicy phenolics which are balanced nicely by a complex ester profile. The subtle fruit character and dry tart finish will complement wheat malt, orange peel and spice additions typical of Wits.

Flocculation: Low
Attenuation: 72-76%
Temperature Range: 63-76F, 17-24C
Alcohol Tolerance: 12% ABV

Belgian Specialty Ale

The only limit is what you’re willing to try. You own the yeast now; no one can tell you that you have to do anything.

Wyeast does have a list of recommended strains for each style
, but if you think 3463 would make a good stout, there’s nothing stopping you from trying it. It isn’t like you have to worry about being able to sell the beer.

The low flocculation would make me think wheats or darker beers. And that high alcohol tolerance seems to scream “Make a big beer!” It’s got a decent attenuation too.

How about an imperial stout?
Or maybe some sort of strong Belgian ale?

But yeah, I agree with a10t2. Your imagination is the only limit!

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