Harvesting yeast from primary carboy

Pitched a nice healthy yeast starter into my pecan english brown ale and I am planning on harvesting the yeast from the primary. This will be my first time harvesting a yeast cake. I’m thinking of boiling a Mason jar to sterilize it then just pouring my yeast / trub cake directly into my Mason jar from the primary then just covering it with aluminum foil sticking it in the fridge. Would this be the correct way to harvest?

You could do that.

However, if there’s significant particulates in the trub, you’re going to want to take the yeast out after 12 hours in the fridge. You should see three separate layers or at least a substantially darker layers at the bottom. Pour off the liquid until there’s just about one to two fingers. Gently swirl it until the liquid is diluted with yeast, but try not to disturb the bottom layer (it should be harder and more compact so it’s not too easy to swirl it up) then pour it all out into another mason jar without the bottom layer.

Anyone have any corrections here?

http://woodlandbrew.blogspot.com/2012/1 ... posed.html

This brewer states that the yeast are evenly divided throughout the cake. And that the top has more contaminants than the rest.