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Harvesting from 1075 and using in 1060

Is it ok to harvest yeast from an OG 1075 brew to be used in an OG 1060 brew?

I made kind of an Imperial IPA, and I want to re-use the yeast in my house IPA. Any and all input appreciated, and any explanation as to why you shouldn’t do it this way (provided that is the case) is greatly appreciated.

I don’t think it would be a problem.

It’s usually said that you should only pitch up in gravity, but I don’t understand why. If your Imperial IPA had a healthy fermentation, then it should be a problem I wouldn’t think.

Saying that you should only pitch up in gravity is definitely bogus. Saying that it’s best not to re-pitch from a high-gravity fermentation, on the other hand, is solid advice.

1.075 isn’t ridiculously high, though, so as long as the yeast is fresh I doubt you’ll have any issues. You might want to over-pitch slightly to compensate.

Thanks guys for the advice. Much appreciated :cheers:

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