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Harvesting Bavarian Wheat Blend (Wyeast 3056)

My LHBS only carries The Bavarian Wheat Blend and what I really want is just the Bavarian Wheat (which is also sold out here)
I’m wondering if “This proprietary blend of a top-fermenting neutral ale strain and a Bavarian wheat strain” when harvested will skew towards the neutral ale or the Bavarian wheat (which is what I want).

That’s the problem with repitching blends blindly. There’s no way to tell which, if any, strain outcompeted the other.

Without clinical analysis I guess taste is the only way to tell.
I chickened out and went with WEIHENSTEPHAN WEIZEN. From what I googled the Bavarian on its own is the more potent Banana.

When I used 3056, it turned out super neutral. I vowed never to use it again.

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