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Harvested yeast

Hi all,

I saved the yeast from several batches I brewed… now what?
I’m not ready to brew but the yeast has been sitting a while, it’s still white and viable though.

How do I make a “mini” batch with dme and return it to the fridge?
How big of a batch?

Thanks and sorry for the noob question,


I would just wait till one week before you want to brew and make a starter. 1600 ml or so depending on your O.G. , have the starter O.G. between 1.030 to 1.040 use 3 to 4 spoon full of your yeast. Let it ferment out then put in the fridge till brew day and decant the liquid then pitch the yeast.

What gdtechvw says, is what I did with my Sestercentennial Blonde batch. I had a US-05 yeast slurry sitting in the fridge for about 2 months. 4 days before brewdate, I made a starter with 2 tablespoons of that slurry. Starter took off normally and the yeast performed well. Could have just bought a new pack of 05, but this was something I wanted to try( I did get the packet just-in-case). Worked well.
I read in threads before doing this, that you can store the yeast in the fridge for 6 months or more, as long as you make a starter to see if it’s viable.

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