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Harvested yeast

I harvested and rinsed Scottish Ale yeast from a low gravity beer. I used some of it right away on a new batch of Scottish Ale akso low gravity. The rest has been in the frig in my flask for 2 weeks. I am going to brew another low gravity Scottish Ale again this weekend. I’ve heard conflicting advice.

  1. Will I be ok just bringing the yeast up to room temp and then pitch?
  2. Is it better to add a little cooled wort to the yeast first?
  3. Or maybe best to make a starter?

I’d prefer to skip the starter but I read that yeast harvested more than 2 weeks ago will need a starter.

As always, thanks for the advice.

I’ve frequently used harvested yeast brought to room temps after 2-3 weeks in the fridge, and done so without a starter. It posed no probelms (the yeast wasn’t even rinsed).

A number of times, I used yeast stored for longer than that (as much as 4-6 weeks, also without a starter), but at that point it’s definitely a better idea to feed the yeasties up before pitching.

No need for the starter unless your yeast is over a month old. Just use the Mr Malty repitching from slurry tab.

+1. Just pitch it. No need for a starter.

I just used a yeast slurry that was 2 months old. But it was the slurry from a ten gallon batch going into a five gallon batch. It was fine and took off within hours of pitching. Less than a week later, it appears to be fully fermented out in a water bath at 60F. Laziness and poor timing caused this one - I usually plan to harvest so I have freshly harvested yeast for pitching.


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