Harpoon Wintry Mix aka variety 12 pk

My last keg of my Huma Lupa Liscious clone kicked a few days ago, and my next brew (10 gals of Amber Ale) won’t be going in to kegs until this Saturday, so I found myself in the unusual position of actually buying beer. I couldn’t quite bring myself to pay $10+ for a 6 pk of Bells, Dogfish Head, etc so I picked up a 12 pk of Harpoon Wintry Mix tonight. I was delighted to discover the 'Poon 12 pk included a Rye IPA (I assume Denny gets a commisson on every one sold :slight_smile: ), chocolate stout, winter warmer, and Dark (whatever that is).
Anyway, the Rye IPA was very nice and spicy. I’m not a huge stout fan but the chocolate stout tastes like a cross between chocolate milk and a Starbucks Mocha drink. Very drinkable. It must have some artificial flavoring because it tastes way too good and chocolatey. Haven’t tried the “dark” yet but the other 3 were very good for a high volume brewer like Harpoon.

I’m from the northeast and Harpoon is one of my favorite local breweries, I think most of what they put out is quite good. The Dark is a Munich Dunkel for the record, I’ve only had a couple of them but I think it’s pretty good. Agree with you on the Rye IPA, I really enjoy their flagship IPA, very tame for an IPA nowadays but a great “go to” beer that you can find on tap just about anywhere around these parts.

I’ve been a big fan of Harpoon for a while and I’m missing it now that I’ve moved south. The Chocolate Stout is way to chocolatey for my taste, but the rest of the beers in that pack have always been pretty good. Didn’t get any this year, but it sounds like it’s the same mix that they had last year. Their UFOs are always good too.