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Hardware Store Pneumatic Hose

My local hardware store has 3/16" Pneumatic Hose that doesnt explicitly say on it “food-grade”. Should I stay away from this kind of hosing for a distribution line in my keg system?

what kind of pressure do you need?

Just dispensing pressure, in the ballpark of 10PSI. Integrity isn’t my concern however. Its the dispensing line from the OUT valve to the tap. Ultimately my question is, is there any difference between hardware store tubing and the tubing you find at a LHBS?

I couldn’t answer that as it depends on many factors. I think that you may be overkill with Pnumatic hose, just go to the hardware store and get a vinyl or clear poly tube. You can get them cheap and they are normally used in hooking up water for fridges, and should be fine.

i would think it would have rubber on the inside and you don’t want that contacting your beer.

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