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Harder than you think

Went to an event at the local brewery here in CO for Colorado beer week. It was the flight challenge. They have 23 beers on tap and the give you a flight of 6 and you have to guess which they are. Got 4 right the other 2 I was wrong but 1 of those at least I had narrowed down to two just chose wrong. The barrel aged wheat wine tossed me for a loop

Very cool… I’ve always been tempted to do something like that, but I know I’m nowhere near experienced enough to do well at it. My mind would definitely play tricks on me and I’d go down a weird rabbit hole.

You would do alright. It’s not just taste it process o elimination. They have the SRM and IBU posted so first you narrow down the color then the bitterness. Then you got hoppy sour or Belgian. Should be able to narrow it down to 2 or 3 that way. Then you take an educated guess. The bar keep told me no one had done better than 3 correct so I guess I did alright

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Sounds really fun! I would love to do something like that.

I’d bet, that even if they had one brew, I’d fail…:disappointed: Sneezles61

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