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Harbor freight

I am going to harbor freight tomorrow. Was wondering if there is anything there people have bought that they use for brewing, good or bad. I only brew 5 gallon extract batches and will start kegging soon…if that might help with things I could look for.


If you are planning to move to all-grain eventually, you can use this reasonably priced low-speed drill to keep your grain mill under warp speed: … 93632.html

Plus it’s a 1/2" drill that can be used for other tasks. Only down-side is that it weighs as much as a small car. ... 69465.html

Thermometer would have been nice. They did not have one in store. Thanks for the ideas.

I got this from there, use it all the time.

I built my CO2 manifold from their 1/4" air fittings. All in all I think it was somewhere around $8 with coupons. It’s expandable, so if I want to add another tap I just need to buy a “T” fitting, a ball valve, barb, and female-female adapter. They sell 1/4" and 3/8" barbs. I have a 3/8" barb on the “in” port for the main (blue) 5/16" gas line. I like 3/16" gas lines, so I have 1/4" barbs on my “out” ports.

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