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Happy Oktoberfest

Well tomorrow is the opening of the Oktoberfest in Munich and its time for my ofest party. 2 kegs Oktoberfest which has been lagering since April and 2 kegs of pale. Lots of food . Anyone else partying tomorrow?


I wasn’t going to intrude on Munich’s party opener… Ours is next W/E … complete with accordion and beer barrel polka stuff! I’ll do what I can to post some stuff… Sneezles61
I didn’t mention… samples are tasty!

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My according player can’t make it this year she’s got another paying gig.

I’m lucky… The one I hang with is a person I introduced to brewing… a bit older and German… a very good person! sneezles61

I’m 'onna drink me many Oktoberfest lagers today. Many different ones probably.

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OH DEAR… Its the official kick off! I’m going to see if they have any live, streaming vids on the web! Cheers… Prost! Sneezles61… streaming live… Now if I only could understand German!

Can’t get mine in for a couple weeks. Like to have it sooner but there’s something every weekend.

My Oktoberfest really came out tasty despite being evacuated, sitting at room temp intermittently, and jostled around in my old 2001 Honda Accord(my “storm car”). Nice reddish hue this year, which I was shooting for. Crystal clear.

As far as commercial offerings, Sam Adams Oktoberfest really hit the mark this year. One of the best I’ve had. Somewhat disappointed in Sierra Nevada’s collaboration 2017 version. Biting and not really malt forward…Hofbrau makes a good Festbier this year, worth a try if you can find it.

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Definitely agree, I tried one last night and couldn’t get past the grainy/husky flavor. Just didn’t work for me.

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A couple guys in my club pulled off some really killer marzens this year, and a festbier that was just sublime and took first prize.

My “helles” (actually an American lager but I called it helles just to enter the German themed competition) placed about 4th or 5th out of the 7 entries, and I thought it stood a chance. :frowning: The good news is that most of my friends are really fantastic homebrewers. Not at all bad for a small club of only about 15 people.

But I probably digress. :slight_smile:

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