Happy New Brewer

So, I ordered the 1 gallon kit with White House Honey Ale.
I brewed and let it ferment for 1 week. I then put it into a secondary for one night to let a little
extra settle to the bottom. I bottled and waited 1 week using the fizz drops.
With only 1 week in the bottle I tried one today and it was great.
I let a bunch of friends drink the other bottles and they all loved it. Maybe I got lucky, but it didnt take long.
I also brewed a German Blonde which just got bottled tonight and I just transfered my first 5 gallon batch of Irish Red Ale to secondary tonight as well.
All in all everything seems to be going great.
I think I finally found the hobby I was looking for. I have also got about 5 people at work to order kits as well.
Well, time to order more recipe kits.

Thanks NorthernBrewer!

Welcome to the site and the obsession!

I’m glad your first beer went so well, many of us aren’t so lucky. The guys here are a great group of people, if you have questions many of them are already answered with a quick forum search, anything you can’t find there, feel free to ask!



Hook, line an sinker! Welcome to the beginning of a long but rewarding hobby (obsession).

Welcome, but just be careful on those time frames.

1 week in primary is generally not enough

1 day in secondary is not going to do much

1 week in a bottle is just lucky if you got carbonated beer.

Oh, and glad that you moved to 5 gallons because a 1 gallon brew if beer is a lot of work, especially if you and your friends drank in one night