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Happy holidays everyone

Want to wish everyone a good holliday and a awesome 2020. May all you brew wishes come true. Cheers


Thank you Wilco! And may you and all the other wonderful peeps in here have a great Christmas! Yes, the New Years just about upon us… Time to plot and scheme of the brews to be brewed… I’ll have some time in January to brew… Lagers are in my mind… And wanting to try different malts… Sneezles61

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Happy holidays.

Yes safe and happy holidays to all

And happy holiday to you and all on here!

Gotta admit this is my fav time if the year. Get something for my wife, get something for myself… get something for my son, get something for myself… you can see where this is going.

So what was one of the things I got myself:


Now this is a awesome x mas gift

Merry Christmas and happy New Year everyone!

@loopie_beer that is a beauty!

HOLY MOLY!! :dizzy_face: Now that’s one heck of a shiny gizmo right there!! What’s the first brew? And… Did I say HOLY MOLY!! Sneezles61

Very nice.

Looking forward to getting it. Should be done mid January. REALLY looking forward to no longer standing in single digit temps and cuddling up to MT. No more carrying three 20gal pots up stairs, 20gals of water upstairs, then taking it all back down…

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Yea my last brew session turned into a small disaster due to the cold and wind. That’s the reason I want to go electric too. I spent my holiday money on motorcycle parts this year though.

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Sshhhiiiinnnnnyyyyyy… :rofl:

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Wow! Santa was good to you for sure @loopie_beer!! That’s awesome man! As you mention not having to lug up and down stairs anymore, does this come with plumbing and ventilation hook-ups as part of the package? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I haven’t managed to talk the wife into something like this yet, would look awesome in the back wall of my garage! Someday. . .

Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday and a great start to the new decade. . .man that’s kinda strange to think about, ha! I’ve got two beers to get into fermentors by year end, but I don’t know that the schedule will allow both, we’ll see.


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Merry Christmas and Happy Brewing to all! Hope to be up and brewing in our new(to us) home in March or April. Long renovation and our old house sold quickly so I’m in brewing limbo…:sob:


When you phrase it that way you got the system to insure you’re health. Sounds like multiple improvements from an OSHA standpoint


Yes @radagast I’m putting in a new copper run of unsoftened water for a wort chiller and will be working on moisture mitigation soon. SWMBO only caveat was that it doesn’t smell “like the bud light plant.” (We live about 2. Miles from the AB InBev Columbus plant).

@squeegeethree sadly it’s getting to that point. Getting too old to keep moving all that equipment outside. AND my Mrs. doesn’t pay into BWC! Lol


My christmas gift. And should be here january. New grain mill. My other gift. Its under the tree. New music. 27 me off to switserland. My wife still thinks we gonna see my mom. In holland. Sort of true on the 2 of jan. But as well a suprise for my mom. Mmmm now i want as well a new brew system.

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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Festivus…etc, etc…

Happy New Year to all!

Saw this on FB earlier…kinda funny…


Did survive. The fam gathering. The last 2 days.

thanks to some home brews


Snow cold snow cold even more freaking snow. In switserland. Pffff me hate it my comander chief. Loves it. Feel like loyd xmas extra pair of gloves

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